Spirit of God. Almighty. Divine.                                                                                                     Blow through these lives. That the music of our hearts is a symphony of love, peace, joy, compassion..


Blow Spirit, blow..
Like a cleansing breeze that animates our hearts,
Bringing life to weary bones,
and strengthens us for a new and glory filled day..

Resting, not stationary.

Abiding, not stagnate.

Holding on…to our moving Christ.
That we will move as one with you…




An exercise in contemplation

Ive always loved to capture moments in time when I have felt God speaking to me. Sometimes it has been with words. Other times it has been with drawing. And then there are the times when I will pick up a camera and walk around with the intention to listen to Gods voice in creation. Up until recently I would only share the images with friends on facebook (as you do when a lot of your mates are the contemplative type)

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