When all you know is weariness

Is it a day that you feel every pain, ache, weary bone? Every tired mind? Every sorrowful heart? Every overwhelming emotion? And do you need a break? Crying out to God for peace and quiet? Here is a prayer for you… Continue reading “When all you know is weariness”



The majesty of God can be seen in both the huge, the expansive, and the small. Not one detail has been overlooked, not one living thing classified as insignificant, not one person turned away from…no matter what they have done, not done… Continue reading “Majestic!”

A love affair…

I have this ‘thing’ going on with the King of the universe. Its a love that all other loves seem to pale next too. And its a love that inspires me to care even more about this tragic and beautiful world we live in. With all its injustices, all the fears, pain, heartaches. With all of its splendor, awe inspiring landscapes, hearts that give and give and then give some more.

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The Fringes People

Sometimes God just throws something into your heart and you can’t sleep til it finds its way onto paper. I share because I must. Who are the fringes people in your life? Is it you? There are no easy answers, but there is God. There are those who understand what it is to be alone… And there are those who care with the heart of Jesus…

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Im sitting at a window, having revelled in this wonderful weather of rain, with short bursts of sunshine… The wind is blowing, and autumn leaves are dancing, with every gust, across the yard. It is my favourite season! It is physically beautiful.

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