I wish…

I wish you would dance

As though you knew I loved you from the start.
As though I smiled with delight
As I imagined you into being.
Oh how I wish you would dance
As though your whole being was intended
And your every movement was a celebration
Of your uniqueness and belovedness.
I wish you would dance
Like you caught a glimpse of how I see you.
How I always saw you
And it enlivened your soul and you could do nothing but dance.

Oh how I wish you to dance!

I wish you could feel this aching inside of me
This deep love I have for you
Which formed mountains, galaxies, and blood pulsing veins in you.
Which holds space in its vastness
And holds space in the heart of you.
I wish you could feel the aching I always had for you
Before you were you, yet still I knew you.
An aching that led us to that tree
formed to bring suffering
Yet somehow transformed to bring life to the least of these.

Oh how I wish you to know…



Somehow I found you
The pulsing of my blood
The sensation of the wind
The warm glow of the sun
The glistening of the dew
The movement of the clouds
The feel of the dirt
The sounds of the earth
The groans
The cries
The laughter
The silence
With feet planted
Somehow I found you

God in the breeze

“Nothing has ever been said about God that hasn’t already been said better by the wind in the pine trees.” -Thomas Merton

You, Almighty, are found in more than words. No matter how articulate, sensible or beautiful.
We can find you in silence.
We can find you in breeze.
In the majestic strength of the trees.
In those moments when we breathe in. God within.
Breathe out. God all about.
Meet with us in those wild places
Where you are.
And we are.
In those spaces where you become our everything.
And we realise we always were loved.

Where are you God?

God is not found
in pure things
but in cracks and smudges
that cry for healing

God is not found
in big ideas
but in the small space
between two people

God is not found
in the stories that build worlds
but in the little truths
that tear them down

– Mark Van Steenwyk

Mark is a director for the centre for prophetic imagination which can be found on facebook HERE

I shared this beautiful quote recently on The Sanctuary Prayer Space in the hope that it would get people thinking beyond the surface.

In my heart I believe that God is found in all, through all, with all, around us all, in every breath we take, every tear we cry, every thrill of our hearts, and so much more. Yet I think that it can be a lot simpler to recognise Almighty in the beautiful, the joy filled, peaceful moments. In the people we agree with. In the ones who share commonality.

Not so simple is seeing Almighty in the smudges. The brokenness. The cracks. The pain filled connectedness that takes work to love through. And those complicated moments of authentic life when we bare our hearts knowing we may be rejected, ridiculed…

God. Sitting here in those fringe places with “the least of these”.


‘It may be that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work and that when we no longer know which way to go we have come to our real journey. The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings.” ~ Wendell Berry

I read this quote earlier today, and it got my mind stirring.
One of my favorite Celtic Saints is Brendan. I’ve shared about the journey he and others took on here before. The boat thrown upon the waters with nothing but the Spirit of God to direct and the forces of nature to move it along. That wild abandon to the will of God, and an insecurity in what could happen outside human control…

I thought of this story as I read the words. I wondered how many times in my life I have not known the answers of what to do and where to go. But that I have known my own frailties and uncertainties are not what define my life. And just maybe it is a life which sings out a tune that is Christ Breathed.

What do these words say to you?


Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.
~ Hafez

As winds sweep in,
Disturbing us. Moving us.
Carrying freshness across our neighborhoods…
So too let your Spirit wind sweep in.
Enliven us. Draw us close to you Oh God.

Symphony and potential

Take the notes, the clangs and the clatter.
Take the disharmony, the scattered.
Take the clashing tunes, the discord.
And tune us, draw us, conduct us, breathe life through us, gather us, and make us the symphony of unity and love we are called to be…

Space within tangles

Draw us toward the moments when we stop and breathe…
When the tangles of the day make space for us to sit amongst their branches.
When we look toward the lighted horizon. And know that you are.
That you are Almighty God.
And we are.
And that is enough.

Picture by Susan Seddon Boulet

Scattered Seed

And the seeds hit the dust.
And the seeds hit the rocks.
And the seeds hit the path.
And the seeds hit the soil.

The dry. The hard. The birds. The feet.
The potential. The grace. The kindness. The care.
The nurturing. The love. The weeding. The watering.

Our lives as seed barers. Seed releasers.
And Almighty at work in and through all.

Slow wander days

“The mystic path is a slow wander into the depth of spiritual enlightenment with Christ, not a frenzied dash into shallow answers..” ~ David Cole

May today be a slow wander day. A take time to breathe day.
Asking deep questions day.
Be silent to listen day.
Slow down and pause day.
Nurture the soul day.
Sink deep into God day…