Of hair and God at work

Today I was putting a pony tail in my young daughter’s hair. She is a beautiful little miss who is almost always very patient as you brush her hair and put in whatever decoration and design she has asked for. This morning was no different. As I brushed the inevitable dreads that form in her hair overnight we chatted. She is full of questions, like most 3 year olds, and its hard not to grin at some of the thoughts she shares. “Mummy can you make my hair sparkle?”, “Can you put a twist (aka plait, braid, or ponytail) in please?”, “Mummy is it almost finished?”, “Mummy I love it!” as she races off to look in the mirror. And she dances!

Simple moments of joy, and thankfulness can be found almost anywhere can’t they?

As I slowly brushed out the tangles of her hair I was struck with a very simple truth. Even though it may take more time than we prefer, the sorting out of the tangles in our lives will come as we allow God to do what is needed. That its in the patience and obedience of putting ourselves into God’s hands to do what is needed, that messy can become something worth dancing over..


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