The last few days have been filled with lots of emotion as people all over the globe grieve the senseless killing of 50+ people in a gay nightclub. Coupled with those deaths have been far too many truly uncompassionate reactions. And that is what they are. Reactions. And a decided lack of compassion for a hurting, grieving people who are afraid. Could it be me next? My friend? My child? My….. I can’t even imagine. My heart is broken for all those involved, and all those who love someone who is… 

I tend to stay well away from creating a disturbance over debates that seem to go nowhere but angry words and stereotypes. Usually because there is far more talking than there is listening. Words and ideas are put into people’s mouths without thought. Quite often what one person thinks is the truth, is really only their version of the truth based on their own experiences, prejudices and fears. I stay quiet out of self-preservation. With friends who span out to both extreme opposites of the thought spectrum it can feel like starting WW3 if I speak. Now maybe I don’t have anything new to add. There are a lot of very educated voices who speak to this, but I need to say these things. For me. For the people I call friend.

‘And then there comes a time when you have to say something before you burst.’

So here is what I will say. It should cost nothing to be filled with compassion for ALL people. It should be easy to pass over a post on social media if all you have to say is full of disrespect, anger, malice or if all you will say is “you are wrong and I am right, therefore you must change”. It should cost nothing for us to love people as we all are. And even if we disagree – and let’s face it, especially if we don’t have a close relationship with the person we disagree with – we should simply continue on OR get an attitude change and start to love by listening and trying to understand their heart. Because here is the thing. There is no-one perfect, not even one. No one righteous, no not one. No one without sin, no not one. We are human beings. Frail and full of flaws, yet made in God’s image. We aren’t made to be cookie cutter images of each other. We are each unique. And each loved so deeply by God.

It SHOULD cost nothing to have a Christ like love toward all people. Whatever religion, whatever sexual orientation is theirs, whatever political affiliation, etc etc…the idealist within hopes that it would be easy for all to put aside our differences and let love (God IN us) take over. Yet the reality seems as though it will be forever far more complex than that. Because every time we love, we do give a piece of ourselves. It costs. Because to love means we become vulnerable to rejection and negative reaction. It costs. Because to love means we have the potential to lose. It costs. And in this moment I accept the cost, because I have friends I like and love who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and my heart is grieving for the pain you feel. I love you, and hope that I have plenty of opportunities to show that in action. Not just by writing a random blog post that most people won’t see. I like you. You are my friends. Some who I know well, and others I am just getting to know. And your friendship means more to me than any negative reaction I might get.

And here is where I speak my mind to all those who say “I am a Christian”. If we claim to be followers of Christ then there is only one way to respond…. love as Christ loves us. To weep with those who weep. To journey with those we are able. To enjoy friendships, for the sake of friendship – without expecting to think exactly the same over every issue. To live out grace and compassion. To stop seeing everyone who is different to us as a project in making them change. It is the Holy Spirit who does that. It is God’s love that does that. It is Jesus’ sacrifice that does that.PicsArt_05-22-11.08.15 grace eyesA prayer for those who cry…


3 Replies to “Compassion”

    1. Thank you. This was a labor of love post to write as it is charged with much emotion (both for myself and many other people). I appreciate your encouragement. Grace and peace to you also.


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