An exercise in contemplation

Ive always loved to capture moments in time when I have felt God speaking to me. Sometimes it has been with words. Other times it has been with drawing. And then there are the times when I will pick up a camera and walk around with the intention to listen to Gods voice in creation. Up until recently I would only share the images with friends on facebook (as you do when a lot of your mates are the contemplative type)

Now I have to admit I am ideally situated to be exposed to nature as soon as I step outside my door. Those are some of the benefits of living in a small country town in Australia. I am truly thankful for that! I am also very aware that there are many many people who don’t have such an amazing abundance of living things around them. Maybe you live in a huge city, where there are buildings, and concrete, and noise all around you. Its hard work to find the beauty amongst all that. But it’s there. And so is God.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the pace of your life right now? And when you look around what are you seeing? I find that when I am overwhelmed by all that is going ‘wrong’ it is so much harder to see. To sense God’s presence with me. God’s voice guiding me. God’s arms around me. Its at those times it can take a friend to remind me to stop and breathe. To not speak, but rest. To invite God to quiet me. So today I am that friend. Open your eyes to the minute details of the grass struggling its way out of that pavement crack. Feel the sun. Or the cold. Or the wind on your face.Smile at the person as you walk past them. Notice the laugh of the child, the bark of the dog, the gray/blue sky, the ant or the bug. And remember that God created. And God loves. And then pass the love on.

If you want too, go and check out my facebook album here

For the love of nature..a contemplative exercise

Because even the cracks hold beauty, if you open your eyes to see…




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