The Fringes People

Sometimes God just throws something into your heart and you can’t sleep til it finds its way onto paper. I share because I must. Who are the fringes people in your life? Is it you? There are no easy answers, but there is God. There are those who understand what it is to be alone… And there are those who care with the heart of Jesus…

‘We are the fringes people.
The forgotten.
The rejected.
The hurting.
The lonely.

June dowload pics 1669

We are the fringes people.
We do not require an invitation to join you
– over there.
We need a friend to sit with.
To laugh with.
To cry with.
To share our hearts with.
To do life with.
– out here.

We are the fringes people.
Come to us.
Discover the beauty of our hearts.
Look at pain, grief, anxiety, betrayal.
Etched on our faces.
Laying on our backs.
And cry.
And smile.
And come again.
Come again.
Come again.’

                                                                                                                   Copyright Rebecca Baxter





5 Replies to “The Fringes People”

  1. I love this. It builds upon a book I read recently: Souls in the hands of a Tender God by Craig Rennebohm. Thank you for sharing this powerful message.


    1. I like the sound of this book. Its a huge encouragement to know that many many people have a heart to care about this very relevant subject.


  2. Love this, the kindness and gentleness instilled within. And, it reminds me of so much that I have written too…bless you Rebecca. I wonder if most people feel like “fringe people” at times? I think we/they do. Some people try their hardest to flee from the thought that they might be and try to fit it even when and where the fitting doesn’t fit. Reminds me of the first beatitude – Blessed at those who know their need of God – knowing that they
    are at the end of their rope….who know they are strange/strangers, different….


    1. Ah yes. I have spent many years trying to ‘fit in even when the fitting doesn’t fit’.
      I finally realised that I didn’t want too become a shell of who creator had made me to be. And so the new season begins. What an adventure.


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