Welcome to the adventure! Creative spaces and musings to connect with God as we recognise that God is in all, through all, with all. You’ll find random wanderings and wonderings, as I share a little of what it means to connect with God in my “everyday”. This is a Sanctuary Space. A space to love outside boxes. A space where all are welcome.  A space where we are invited to recognise that the ways we approach God can translate into the ways we connect with people.

With an inclusive theme that see’s all people as image bearers of God – Together we are on an adventure to explore what it means to love God, love people, see God at work in all of life, even if we don’t always see it.

The Sanctuary Prayer Space facebook page started out as physical spaces of prayer and encouragment within our local community in the regional town of Parkes, Australia. We established an online space in 2013, to connect with what started as a small group of people. That space has since grown to include followers from all over the globe.

We are a sanctuary from what can often be an overwhelming world. For a time. With an encouragement to sit quietly with God. To know the movement of the Spirit. To be renewed, and to go out into the world, with a passion to live out the love that has impacted us.

We encourage you to draw close, and listen to what God might want to be saying to you. To be cracked open vessels that let the light shine out. And to look with expectation to what God is doing within your own communities.

We are a community of Jesus followers. We sometimes limp, sometimes rest, sometimes soar, sometimes run. With a focus on looking up, and in..

We want to celebrate and live out the unconditional love that Christ has for all of creation. This means we are an inclusive space. No one is unwelcome. All people are loved as uniquely made, in the image of God.

With a distinct Celtic feel to our written prayers and reflections, we welcome those who would like to connect with our sister group of Celtic Christianity and Music to do so.

And welcome you to this space!